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David James Elliot
Grayson Russell
Ed Quinn
Julie Ann Emery
Noah Munck
Dalton O'Dell
Aidan Gould
Dennis Volochkov
Max Burkholder
Stephen Tobolowsky


Christopher Watson
Daniel Frisch
Philip Waley

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DVD available at Walmart May 15th, 2012



Aidan - only eleven years old at the filming of The Rainbow Tribe - started his acting career commercially at the tender age of three and hasn’t looked back since. He’s quite a veteran with a total of nine films under his belt including “Julia” with Tilda Swinton (to date he’s been kidnapped in three of them). He has such television credits as “Gilmore Girls” and“Passions”.

Aidan is a well-balanced young actor who recognizes the differences between acting and real life. His favorite quote about acting is, “What happens in acting, stays in acting,” a testament to his understanding that while he doesn’t misbehave in real life, in his career so far, he’s had to swear, drink alcohol and be an all round rotten kid. He believes in studying his craft and currently takes classes with both Patrick Malone and John Homa, focusing on scene study and improv. He also performs in a weekly improv show.

Aidan’s personal interests include anime and manga, drawing, collecting and reading. He is an active Mensa member and Davidson scholar, and he loves to read and learn. For more information about Aidan, please contact Jamie Malone/Judy Cosgrove at MC Talent Management 818-487-8781.

Aidan Gould in the funny camp movie The Rainbow Tribe

Aidan Gould plays the role of "Josh" in The Rainbow Tribe. You know, that lovable nervous type who defintely reminds you of that friend of yours? This child actor provides a great balance to the wild and crazy Grayson Russell, and adds yet another angle to this new comedy DVD for 2011.

The child stars of The Rainbow Tribe will no doubt remind you of your own friends and classmates from grade school, summer camp, and life in general. Pick up this new family movie to see what we mean, enjoy watching the feel good movie as much as we did putting it together for you. The movie kids, adults, and everyone in between will have you smiling.

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New DVD release for 2011, the Rainbow Tribe kids movie



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