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David James Elliot
Grayson Russell
Ed Quinn
Julie Ann Emery
Noah Munck
Dalton O'Dell
Aidan Gould
Dennis Volochkov
Max Burkholder
Stephen Tobolowsky


Christopher Watson
Daniel Frisch
Philip Waley

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DVD available at Walmart May 15th, 2012



Dan Frisch is a Los Angeles based producer who formed International Production Company (IPC) in 2003 to produce films, television, music videos and commercials worldwide. Frisch and IPC recently completed their first “in house” production, The Rainbow Tribe, a contemporary coming-of-age family comedy. Frisch and IPC are widely known for their collaboration with Eli Roth and Quentin Tarantino in the production of the horror franchise, Hostel (the first of which Frisch and IPC produced for 2 million dollars—the film grossed 20 million in the first weekend alone, and went on to gross over 80 million worldwide, theatrically). Frisch, Roth and Tarantino teamed up again for the most talked about horror trailer, “Thanksgiving” featured in “Grindhouse.” This summer saw the release of another film produced by Frisch, Paramount’s Middle Men (starring Luke Wilson, James Caan, Kelsey Grammar, Kevin Pollack). Other projects involving Frisch and IPC are the 45 million dollar action adventure, Solomon Kane (currently in release), as well as such notables as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Pink Panther, Running Scared, Bangkok Dangerous, Psych 9, Jumper as well as numerous TV shows, (Amazing Race, MTV’s “The Real World”), Music Videos (Mandy Moore, Blue, AFI), and award winning commercials (Nescafe Express, Tide Detergent). For more about Frisch and IPC please visit the website

Hostel producer Dan Frisch makes a family comedy, The Rainbow Tribe

At a glance, it could seem odd that the producer of acclaimed horror film Hostel would then turn his sites to a family friendly kids movie like The Rainbow Tribe, but we simply see that as a sign of versatility, passion for the art form of making movies, and a labor of love for a project that is true to the heart of childhood memories.

Pick up your copy of The Rainbow Tribe today, a new comedy DVD release for 2011. Not only is it a family film that all ages can enjoy, but it's a look at relationships in film, character development, imagination, and growth. All this, delivered by the powerful performance of kid actors and talented veteran actors alike, produced by the experienced talents of International Production Company.


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