Kids comedy for 2011 with Grayson Russell of Talladega Nights



David James Elliot
Grayson Russell
Ed Quinn
Julie Ann Emery
Noah Munck
Dalton O'Dell
Aidan Gould
Dennis Volochkov
Max Burkholder
Stephen Tobolowsky


Christopher Watson
Daniel Frisch
Philip Waley

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Grayson discovered his love for acting at the age of six, when he began doing television commercials for a local automobile dealership in Alabama.

He has since been featured in commercials for McDonald’s ”Mickey Dee’s Sweet Tea”, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance Company.

In 2005 Grayson attended an “open call” and auditioned for director Adam McKay, for a role in what was to be a NASCAR comedy starring Will Ferrell. From that audition, Grayson was cast for the role of Texas Ranger Bobby, the youngest son of Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) in the block-buster film, “Talladega Nights – The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”.

During the two and one-half months spent filming, Grayson’s passion for acting grew.

In 2007, Grayson co-presented the “Group of the Year” award, along with Rebecca St. James, at the 38th Annual GMA DOVE Awards. Also, that year Grayson played Jake in the Bibleman episode – “Crushing the Conspiracies of the Cheater.”

Grayson’s latest feature film project is an independent film titled “The Rainbow Tribe,” which is yet to be released. Grayson co-stars with David James Elliot.
Grayson also enjoys singing, drawing, playing soccer, basketball, and piano.

His favorite movie is “Lord of the Rings”, and his favorite bands are The Jonas Brothers and The BeeGees.

When not working on location, Grayson attends public school and is an active member of the children’s choir and drama team at his home church.

Camping movie for children of all ages, the Rainbow Tribe

Grayson Russell plays the lead role of "Calvin" in The Rainbow Tribe.



Pick up The Rainbow Tribe today for a taste of what good family movies should be. As far as independent films go, this will climb to the best family movies as they go, as part of the film 2011 collection for any movie collector. This rates a PG as far as movie ratings for families go, but is still a delight for all ages; especially if you've ever been to a summer camp yourself.


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