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David James Elliot
Grayson Russell
Ed Quinn
Julie Ann Emery
Noah Munck
Dalton O'Dell
Aidan Gould
Dennis Volochkov
Max Burkholder
Stephen Tobolowsky


Christopher Watson
Daniel Frisch
Philip Waley

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DVD available at Walmart May 15th, 2012



A few years ago, acting was not even a thought for Noah, and since then he has shared the big screen with Sandra Bullock in "All About Steve", worked with Vince Vaughn and Reese Weatherspon in "Four Christmases" and has a breakout performance playing, “Ryan” across from David James Elliot in the upcoming feature film, "The Rainbow Tribe". Besides his coming film work you may have seen him on TV’s Nickelodeon… he is the loveable, "Gibby" on the mega hit kids show, “iCarly”. Recently Noah shot a pilot for the new Disney live action TV series, “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!”, he plays one of the series leads, "Clete" in this fast paced action show about a monster truck family from the south. Other TV performances include, “Wizards of Waverly Place”, “All of Us”, and the CBS pilot, “1321 Clover”. You also may have seen his face on the in last year’s Got Milk? commercial campaign trying to steal a glass of milk with his family or played the most awarded online board game of all time, Got Milk’s "Get The Glass" at You also have seen him remind his teacher what subject she was teaching on the day before in the most recent national Frosted Mini-Wheat’s Commercial or maybe you have seen him tell you about Jimmyfone from his bike in the latest national, "Tracfone" commercials. It is also possible that you played the, “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader - DVD Game” after Christmas, maybe you picked him (Nate) to help you when a game.

This up and comer is a naturally gifted actor, with the timing, range and fearlessness of someone far beyond his years. For more about Noah please check out

Noah Munck from iCarly, now in The Rainbow Tribe

Noah Munck plays the hilariously crude "Ryan Tucker" in The Rainbow Tribe. Want to see him in your comedy DVD movies, pick up your copy of The Rainbow Tribe on DVD today, new for 2011 release. Oodles of child actors, that not only do the job of being relatable characters from a kids movies perspective, but can really tug at the heartstrings of all the adults who used to be those types of kids. You know, the trouble makers, the rebellious types. The fun ones. :)

Child stars abound in The Rainbow Tribe, and Noah Munck is a prime example; even a more outrageous character than Gibby on iCarly!


Kids movies with child stars, The Rainbow Tribe



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