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Stephen Tobolowsky was born in Dallas, Texas, on May 30, 1951, at Methodist Hospital. His Mother, June, had been a registered nurse and his father, Dave, a pediatrician.

It should be noted that Edwin Tobolowsky, infamous producer of “Mars Needs Women”, was not Stephen’s father nor was he Stephen’s leg up into the entertainment industry as has been hinted on certain web sites. It should also be noted that Edwin is a good guy and a lawyer in Dallas.

Stephen grew up in a rather uncivilized area of South Dallas called Oak Cliff and spent large amounts of time catching snakes and spiders. Stephen went to school at: Mrs. William’s Nursery School, Jeff Davis Elementary (whichironically is in the black section of Oak Cliff – it has since been renamed Barbara Jordan Elementary), Carpenter Elementary, Brown Jr. High, Kimball High, SMU, and the University of Illinois.

Stephen was a high school debater and winner of many high school debate awards and was named Most Likely to Succeed. He passions in life have been science, music, acting, catching snakes, tennis, golf, and now riding horses.

Stephen has been in love twice and almost in love many dozens of times. Stephen is married and has two children, a cat, a turtle, a horse, a salamander, and five rabbits. In the backyard are buried three rabbits, fourteen frogs, seven snakes, five rats, one hamster and two fish. One of the fish was not his. Neither was the hamster.

His favorite writers are George Eliot, Charles Dickens, George Bernard Shaw, Shakespeare, and Tolkien. His favorite music is Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Bach, and Trent Reznor. His favorite artists are Leonardo, Giotto, Thomas Hart Benton, Edgar Payne, and Paul Klee.

His favorite vacation was horseback riding across Iceland. His least favorite was riding across France in the baggage car of a train wearing two wet wool suits.

Stephen Tobolowsky in The Rainbow Tribe

Stephen plays the fed up "Principal Sands" in The Rainbow Tribe. You may recognize him from other popular comedy movies such as Groudhog Day, with Bill Murray. But that's not to say he can't play serious; he also plays a troubled character in Christopher Nolan's Memento, he was in The Insider with Russell Crowe, and plays a rather unlikable character in the new feature film Buried, with Ryan Reynolds.

This versatile veteran actor helps set the tone for The Rainbow Tribe, by getting Calvin - played by Grayson Russell - into the summer camp that starts it all off. Nothing like a veteran grown up actor to get the child actors off and running on a hilarious summer camp movie adventure, a family film for the ages and a new DVD release for 2011. Pick up your copy of The Rainbow Tribe today.


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