The Rainbow Tribe Movie



David James Elliot
Grayson Russell
Ed Quinn
Julie Ann Emery
Noah Munck
Dalton O'Dell
Aidan Gould
Dennis Volochkov
Max Burkholder
Stephen Tobolowsky


Christopher Watson
Daniel Frisch
Philip Waley

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DVD available at Walmart May 15th, 2012


David James Elliott (“JAG,” “Scoundrels”), as Morgan Roberts, gives the performance of a lifetime in this often raucous, yet heartwarming film.  Inspired by true events, Morgan is in the fight for his life as he battles a personal crisis. Returning to the summer camp of his youth, Morgan reunites with his childhood best friend and now camp director "Sunny," (played by Ed Quinn, “Eurkea” “True Blood” “Desperate Housewives”), and finds himself as the camp counselor of a rag-tag group of 10 year olds.  This stellar cast of kids is headed by Grayson Russell, (Fregley on “Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Parts 1 & 2,” Texas Ranger Bobby on "Talladega Nights"), Noah Munck (Gibby on “iCarly”), and Max Burkholder (Max on “Parenthood”).

On an unforgettable journey of a desperate man in search of a miracle, this oddball group will have you laughing and holding back a tear as they find their way to having the best summer of their lives. With some of the most touching performances, in one of the most endearing films of its kind, "The Rainbow Tribe," is truly for anyone that has ever been in danger… of growing up.

Grayson Russell in The Rainbow Tribe

For a family film that will make you laugh, cry, and reminisce on your own childhood memories with a smile, pick up the Rainbow Tribe on DVD. Whether it's kids movies you're looking for, new DVDs this week, or whether you just like good family movies on all levels, this collection to the latest DVD releases of 2011 will do the trick.

Winner of BEST PICTURE at the prestigious Feel Good Film Festival in Los Angeles, this hidden gem will stand the test of time and become one of those films you watch over and over again.  Whether it's kids movies you're looking for, something fresh and new for the entire family, or just something to brighten your day, this feel good family film is sure to leave you with a smile.  Buy this widely acclaimed DVD today, and enjoy it for a lifetime.


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