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DVD available at Walmart May 15th, 2012



Max Burkholder started acting at age 4 in the film "Daddy Day Care." Other movies include Friends With Money, Love For Rent, and Fathers and Sons. His television work includes a recurring role on Brothers and Sisters, and guest starring roles on Grey's Anatomy, In Treatment (with Gabriel Byrne), CSI New York, and CSI Miami.

He also voices the character "Roo" for the Disney Channel's show," My friends Tigger and Pooh." He also has a recurring role on the TV series "Parenthood." And, he has even provided voice work on Fox's hit show "Family Guy". When listening to the Family Guy voices you've probably heard him as one of the many kids who get caught up in the various shenanigans of Peter Griffin. The voices of Family Guy can get pretty wacky, but this Family Guy voice tugs at your heartstring because it's really coming from a young kid.

Family Guy voice actor Max Burkholder, live action role in The Rainbow Tribe

Max Burkholder plays the introverted but lovable "Boo" in The Rainbow Tribe. He may not say much - odd considering he's a child voice actor - but the facial expressions and touching looks are all you really need to feel more than enough for this child actor.

Pick up The Rainbow Tribe on DVD today, one of the top kids movies for 2011, one of the great family movies of the Feel Good Film Festival, and an all-around great film with a great cast of kid actors (heck you've got kids from the cast of iCarly and now from the cast of Family Guy, how can you go wrong). Now a new DVD comedy release for 2011.


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