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David James Elliott, star of the hit one hour legal show, “JAG” (NBC, 1995-96; CBS 1997-2005,) was recently cast in the lead role of “Alex Kinter” on the miniseries “Impact!”. Before that, Elliott was seen as “District Attorney Conlon” on the second season of Jerry Bruckheimer’s hit CBS series “Close to Home.” This thrilling, one hour crime drama tears away the facade of suburbia to reveal the darkest of sins. Elliott, with his major prime-time presence, plays a smart, ambitious and charming big-city prosecutor from Manhattan who joins suburban prosecutors “Annabeth Chase” (Jennifer Finnigan) and “Maureen Scofield” (Kimberly Elise). Best known for his role on “JAG,” Elliott captivated audiences for ten years as navy lawyer, “Lieutenant Harmon Rabb”. “JAG,” which featured explosive action, dramatic stories, and film-quality special effects, was one of the most powerful and ambitious military legal dramas on television. The show earned numerous awards including the 2001 Imagen Foundation Award for a Primetime Television Series and the ASCAP Award for Top Television Series in 2000, 2003, and 2004. Elliott, who was the show’s stealth weapon, won the 2000 TV Guide Award for Favorite Actor in a Dramatic Series, was nominated by TV Guide for Actor of the Year in a Dramatic Series in 2001, and landed a spot on People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful List. This fall, Elliott will light up the screen during his new show which is on CBS’ Friday night lineup along with “Ghost Whisperer” and “Numb3rs.”

David James Elliott may seem like a natural in front of the camera, but he did not always aspire to be the talented actor he is today. Elliott, the second of three sons, was born in Toronto, Canada. As a child, Elliott had a wild imagination and enjoyed playing make-believe war games, which he describes as a “huge neighborhood activity.” One of his high school teachers, impressed by his reading of King Lear in a theater history class, encouraged him to consider pursuing an acting career. Despite his lack of knowledge about the industry, he took his teacher’s advice and auditioned at one of the most prestigious acting schools in Canada, Ryerson Polytechnic Institute in Toronto. He claims he almost messed up his acting audition; resorting to singing and improvisation, which, according to Elliott, “miraculously” got him into the school.

While at Ryerson, Elliott auditioned for “The Stratford Shakespearean Festival Company,” earning a job with the acting troupe for two years. He then went on to win the Jean Chalmers Award for Most Promising Young Actor of the Season. Soon after, Elliott caught the attention of the producers of the Canadian television show “Street Legal,” while performing the role of “Dick,” a dim-witted stripper in “B-Movie: The Play.” It was considered by many critics to be one of Canada’s most successful plays ever because it represented Canada in the Edinborough World Theater Festival in Scotland. The producers took a chance on the untried actor, giving him the role of Nick Del Gado, an attractive love interest for the lead female lawyers. The show was a breakout hit and made Elliott a household name in Canada. Elliott’s breakthrough performance on “Street Legal” was just the beginning of his ongoing success.

Elliott landed a role in “Police Academy 3: Back in Training.” Soon after, he decided to move from Canada to Los Angeles to further pursue his acting career. Upon his arrival in L.A. he immediately began doing guest appearances on various TV shows including “China Beach,” “The Hidden Room, “Doogie Howser, M.D.,” and “Dark Justice.” In 1992, he landed a recurring role as a pro-baseball player in the long running CBS hit series “Knots Landing,” and later that year he starred in the syndicated series “The Untouchables” (1992-1993) as “Treasury Agent Paul Robbins”. Elliott also had a recurring guest role as “Terry Parsons” on the hit series, “Melrose Place.” He also recently starred opposite Patricia Arquette in “Medium” as her ‘other life’ husband.

One of his most memorable TV appearances was when he played “Carl the Moving Guy,” an anti-abortion furniture mover on “Seinfeld.” He credits that one time gig for opening bigger doors than he could ever knock down in any of his previous acting series. “I’ve always made a good living doing drama,” says Elliott, “but I learned that if you do a comedy, the whole world opens up.”

Furthermore, Elliott had roles in the movies including CLOCKWATCHERS (1997) with Parker Posey and Lisa Kudrow, as well as THE SHRINK IS IN (2001) with Courtney Cox and David Arquette. Additionally, he had starring roles in the T.V. and cable movies CODE 11-14 (2003) and THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF (2005). Elliott produced and starred in the made-for-TV movie DODSON’S JOURNEY (2001), the first project for his production company, Firefly Productions. Off camera, he directed the “JAG” episodes “Lifeline” and “Take it Like a Man.” He also wrote an episode of the show.

David James Elliott married his co-star, Nanci Chambers, in a quiet wedding in 1993. They have acted together in many projects including “JAG” and CODE 11-14. In Elliott’s spare time he enjoys playing with his 2 children, reading, golfing, writing, and watching old movies. He also loves to go running and has competed in many marathons, and triathlons. Elliott recently competed in the Ford Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Hilarious camp movie for 2011

Dalton O'Dell plays the lead role of "Morgan," aka "Chief" in The Rainbow Tribe. Enjoy seeing the challenges he overcomes as the counselor in this camp movie of hilarious proportions. A new classic to add to the summer camp movies and family movies collections, this funny independent film will have you splitting your sides and coming back for more. Put this at the top of your list for kids movies 2011. Watch it with the family, or friends; it's a classic for all ages.


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